PerfettoDoor|Silence is Important for Choosing A Wood Door

People nowadays have a lot of pressure in life. It is important to have a good and healthy living environment, but not only a good quality of life, a good quality of rest is also important, especially when the sound of TV, talking, and children playing in the living room are , when it passes through the door crack, it directly becomes the number one culprit that affects your sleep. To ensure a stable sleep, Perfetto Door believes that you need a wood door with a silent function to block various decibel interferences outside the room.

So silent wood doors, from which aspects to choose?

Door leaf core material: 

Depending on the material of the wood door in the market, the thickness varies. The core material of the perfetto door leaf is the bridge hole mechanical plate, and the thickness of the door leaf can reach 45mm. Bridge tunnel mechanical panels, tubular plates, can effectively disperse the noise transmission media on both sides of the space to achieve the effect of isolating noise. At the same time, bridge tunnel mechanical panels have a good thermal insulation effect, impact resistance, and flame retardancy, allowing the door leaf to effectively reduce deformation. probability. The door leaf is 45mm, which enhances the stability of the wood door and strengthens the load-bearing force, thereby improving the practicability of the wood door.

Wood door function:

To make the wood door more silent, Perfetto “silent lock + magnetic sleeve + door sealing device + double seal + 45° oblique opening”, all-round combination, minimize the noise transmission path, reduce decibel penetration interference, and give you a quiet space for quiet living.



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