Perfettodoor | Slow down, poetry and stillness flow in between

Perfettodoor | Slow down, poetry and stillness flow in between

Modern urban life, hope that life in China is simple and comfortable. Back at home, let go of the exhaustion and enjoy the exclusive tranquility.


The black room gives a very unique eye-catching highlight. Gray is a transitional color between black and white, and it has a harmonious and natural role. It buffers the contrast between black and white. Adding some bright colors, the color of the entire space will not appear to be single. 


The gray sofa, the brown single sofa, the decorative paintings with blue embellishment, the temptation of the clear and beautiful tones, the pleasure and leisure are vividly on the paper. At the same time, the atmosphere of the space fluctuates slightly like ripples, creating an elegant and spiritual show in full bloom.

Each space is composed of many small sceneries, and the soft decorations in the room are also indispensable. They are like jumping notes, bringing the space to life.


Exquisite coffee cup, watch TV with family during leisure time. Chatting, laughing and talking, accompanied by a cup of fragrant coffee, this is probably the most beautiful look of a home.


The color of the restaurant is simple without losing the sense of beauty. The modern minimalist style uses black, white and gray colors. In terms of configuration, the white bright series of furniture, with a unique luster, makes the furniture more fashionable and enjoys the coexistence of comfort and beauty.

The dining table uses all black dining chairs with black legs and armrests, which is just right. Sometimes, the simplicity may have a special flavor.


 Life is the same, as long as you are willing to take it seriously, you will find many interesting and different things. As Rodin said: “It is not the lack of beauty in life, but the lack of discovery.”



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