Perfettodoor | Abandon the wastefulness, look for leisure and elegance

There is no need for gorgeous shapes, no bright colors, the most primitive way to show the peace of life.

    Concise & exquisite

Gentleness and elegance are the first impressions brought by the living room. The simple layout creates a warm space atmosphere and fully reflects the owner’s mentality of pursuing a comfortable life.

The delicate wood veneer is warm and delicate, light, and sufficient light gives people a bright visual experience. The gray technical fabric sofa creates a warm and comfortable living room space and enhances the overall artistic beauty.

With natural and pure wood color as the keynote, large-area veneers, marbles, and hard bags support the entire space. The display cabinets are exquisitely embellished with utensils. Modern rationality permeates the entire space through the use of utensils.

In terms of design language expression, simple black, white and gray are used as the main theme of the background of the living room, light wood color is the coherent space, and openness, purity and rhythm are the themes of the space.

  优 雅 舒 适

Elegant & comfy

The shoe cabinet is made of wood color and marble luxury, presenting a wave-like wave shape, adding a touch of chic to the restaurant. The designer uses the contrast of stability and agility, and the combination of patchwork and neat spatial layout shows the beauty of simplicity with a sense of hierarchy. .

Give the restaurant a broad vision and cultural interest. Stability and movement, opening and closing are compatible, flow smoothly and naturally.

The simple suspended ceiling is matched with a clean and neat color scheme, which embodies the warm and delicate modern high-grade gray. The large area floor-to-ceiling windows create a comfortable light feeling. The integrated oven is embedded in the side wall of the restaurant, and the high-value marble gives people a sense of smoothness. Tiancheng’s sense of luxury.

The open western kitchen space effectively plans a limited area, and the black island dining table is more stable here, bringing a sense of weight to the space. At the same time, the design of the suspended ceiling guides the line of sight to extend vertically and visually raises the height of the space, making the space more advanced and comfortable.

The stylish and individual black and white base is an advanced color scheme and a classic element, which constitutes the color foundation of the Chinese kitchen space.

The operating space is rich in layers. The custom-made white painted cabinet doors and black marble countertops are designed from bottom to top according to the golden ratio, which outlines the colorfulness of life and tells the warm mood of the space.

The meandering moving lines not only satisfy the functional division, but also increase the spatial scale and freedom. The design of the top air conditioning access port not only does not affect the beauty, but also becomes a decorative highlight of the space.

The lighting and facade material changes make the space interface intersperse and extend each other, forming a rich and progressive space scene.

Infinite reverie

The warm wood color extends to the bedroom, combined with the light gray tone that echoes it, and the exquisite metal texture chandeliers make the overall space more design. The master bedroom is based on the design of no main light, with minimalist magnetic track lights, anti-glare wall lights, and atmosphere, enriching the sense of space.

With the main material of matte material, the interior space is more advanced. At the same time, a combination of virtual and real design techniques is used in the key facades to add interesting space.



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