How to judge the quality of indoor wooden doors

How to judge the quality of indoor wooden doors

First of all, high-quality indoor wooden doors should not be too light. Compared with several indoor wooden doors of the same specification and the same surface layer material, indoor wooden doors with too light weight can hardly be regarded as high-quality indoor wooden doors, because most of the core materials used are relatively soft, and the pipes and pores in the wood are relatively large; or The core material inside is too small, making the interior wooden door not strong enough. The strength and impact resistance of such indoor wooden doors are relatively poor, and the sound insulation effect is not good. The high-quality interior wooden door paint surface should be full and smooth, rich and natural, with good transparency of the paint film, the texture of the surface material is clear and lifelike, and the physical appearance of the appearance is at a glance. The paint film of low-quality indoor wooden doors is dry and obscure, with more exposed paint, bubbling, pinholes, ripples, particles, etc., the paint film has poor transparency, the surface texture is blurred, and the appearance of the wood is obscure and difficult to distinguish.

We all know that most of the precious woods used in the production of interior wooden doors, such as walnut, cherry, teak, etc., are not equal according to different materials and manufacturing techniques. Due to the characteristics of the wood itself, there is also a machine on the market that can reduce the probability of cracking and deformation of the door leaf after processing the wood. However, because of the complexity of the production and the high cost of this machine, the manufacturer that can really use it is not available. Many, so the probability of using indoor wooden doors is not high. This also shows that we must look for big brands when buying (Perfettodoor is one of China’s top ten wooden door brands) , so as to ensure that the indoor wooden doors we buy are genuine and can meet our daily needs.

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